Walker Music & Textiles Company
Old Fashioned Skills - Good Ole Fashion Service - Good Ole Fashion Value

Walker Music & Textiles Company is the culmination of two life-long dreams coming together to form a unique retail setting. The business is a marriage of two talented and committed individuals to preserving the traditions of the fiber arts and musical talents.

We offer Hand spun yarns, spinning wheels, looms, weaving
supplies, crochet and knitting needles, educational materials
including books, CD's, videos and handcrafted items.

On the music side of the store we feature new and used
musical instruments including pianos, guitars, band and
orchestra instruments, and traditional instruments including
mandolins, banjos, dulcimers, ukuleles. We also feature
supplies necessary to play and maintain the instruments.

Our Service and Repair Department is very busy with all kinds
of musical instruments, looms and spinning wheels.
Check out our Facebook page for recent renovations.

Beyond the retail inventory comes the real heart and soul of
Walker Music & Textiles, Steve and Nancy are excellent
educators and share their knowledge and experience readily
through lessons, Pickin & Spinnin evening sessions, and hands-on instruction with every purchase. It is our goal to pass on the traditions we enjoy to others so these valuable arts remain alive and strong.

Steve and Nancy believe that quality customer service is a key to success. Customers will remember a visit to our store by the friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable service, and for the extra mile that Walker's are known.

Steve is a lifelong piano, guitar and band instrument tuner technician. He apprenticed at the ages of 11-12 to become an accomplished piano tuner. Through an apprentice under a master technician, Steve became a piano and player piano technician by the age of 16. During high school, Steve played 13 instruments in the band, orchestra, and several garage bands. He apprenticed under a Bundy Band instrument technician and serviced the entire musical instrument collection of Wawasee High School and the Lakeland School Corporation. At graduation Steven received the prestigious Music Department Key from David Blackwell. After high school, Steve went into building pianos at the Walter Piano Company in Elkhart, IN. After a years' service, Steve went into private practice servicing pianos in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.

Nancy is a lifelong fiber artist and crafts expert. As a child, Nancy followed her Mother's tutelage and learned how to crochet. In 4H she learned how to sew and knit at advanced levels. Later at Western Michigan University, Nancy majored in Occupational Therapy and has an accomplished interdisciplinary minor in Crafts and Psychology. Since college Nancy has applied her degree to spinning, weaving, locker hooking, rug hooking, crochet, and knitting becoming an accomplished artist in many fiber disciplines.