Walker Music & Textiles Co features new and used musical instruments including pianos, guitars, band and orchestra instruments, and traditional instruments including
mandolins, banjos, dulcimers, ukuleles and a new dulcimer derivative the McNally Strumstick.

We also feature supplies necessary to play and maintain the instruments.

Our Service and Repair Department is very busy with all kinds of musical instruments, looms and spinning wheels. Check out our Facebook page for recent renovations

•Here is a partial list of the brands we stock:
• Dean Guitars
• Luna Guitars
• Heritage Guitar Inc.
• Melbay Publications
• Hohner
• Mid-East
• Watch and Learn Videos
• Hal Leonard Co.
• Aurora
• D Drum
• Deering
• Damp Chaser
• On- Stage
• Kaces
• Rico
• Vandoren
• Pics By The Pound
• Aquilia
• Martin Strings
• D'Addario
• WD Music
• Diamond Head
• McNally
• Interstate Batteries