Journey2kazoo 11/05/2011
You HAVE to take a trip to Hastings and…

You HAVE to take a trip to Hastings and see this shop. It's quite small, but Steve and his wife (Nancy) are amazing and will soon be expanding without a doubt. They only opened in March of 2011 and business is BOOMING!! He runs the music side (beautiful dulcimers of various types and all sorts of instruments that are reasonably priced. He even has an electric ukelele). His wife runs the textiles (which means spinning and weaving!) I tried spinning for the first time yesterday, after she demonstrated. They have the coolest floor spinning wheel. I should have taken a picture to post. It's only $350 or so and she has all the various bags of raw fibers for reasonable prices. She's been spinning for 20 she really knows how to spin and is a great teacher! If you have a little time, and Steve's not too busy giving lessons (guitar, piano, vocal, mandolin, etc) they will spend quality time with you. Of course I'm a creative musician/artist sort of person.....but even my engineering husband was intrigued. It's worth the drive...and Hastings has all sorts of shops and eateries located in the downtown. If you've never been there, you will be amazed! It's wonderful!!

simmonsmax 08/10/2011
best music shop for repairs, services…

best music shop for repairs, services, and accessories. There are many instruments on display in the shop. I want to purchase another case from there because the prices are very reasonable for the quality provided. The instruments he repaired were in terrible condition but he was to repair them to near new quality. I am now going to go there for most instrument matainance.
A Google User reviewed 10 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
Great music shop. does great repairs. worth the money!