Walker Music & Textiles Company
Walker Music & Textiles Co. does all Major and Minor Repairs for all your Band, Orchestra, Guitar, Amp, Folk Instruments PLUS Looms and Spinning Wheels!
We have a certified Luthier, Piano Tuner-Tech, Electronics Tech, Band Instrument Tech PLUS an experienced Loom and Wheel Builder on staff.
We are here to serve you locally, reasonably, and professionally.

• Neck Reset
• ReFret
• Bridge Repl
• Sound Posts
• Piano Regulation
• Piano ReHammer
• ReBuild
• ReFurb
• Cracks & Splits
• Key Solders
• Needle Springs
• Dents
• Fingerboard
• Piano Tuning

Show us your problem and we’ll fix it!
Walker Music & Textiles Co.
Old-Fashioned Skills
Good Ol’-Fashion Service
Good Ol’-Fashion Value
• Reed Cleaning
• Wheel Alignment
• Spindles
• Sectional Beams
• Rattles
• Treadle Rods
• Loom Warping
• Rebuilds
• Custom Parts